At the beginning of this year I began working with award winning director Vitaly Sumin and his film company VM Productions in LA who create modern retellings of literary classics.That’s when I heard of a missing persons case connected with the filming of a “ Notes From the New World” based on Dostoyevsky’s Notes from the Underground. The more I read the more I was intrigued. The missing person in question was screenplay writer Robert Hurley who was working on the production, and his disappearance was showing mafia and more interestingly to me occult connections with the suspected involvement of an ancient cult.

VM Productions have made a documentary style film ( you can watch the trailer here) surrounding the strange occurrences around the making of “ Notes from the New World” and Robert had left his space on the internet describing his understanding of the cult.
But I wanted to find out more, I wanted to delve further into the origins and the motives of the cult and hopefully it would help towards solving the mystery of Hurley’s disappearance
Now I’m no detective, nor am I a real life Robert Langdon but I know a fair bit about the occult and I’m an avid research geek and I’m confident I can help shed some light on this stranger than fiction mystery.
I’ve created this blog not only to document my own research but also I hope to reach out to anybody who can help me with any information and also for anybody who is interested in following this case.

Important links:
http://lighttodark.bravehost.com ( hurley’s own writing)