What happened to Hurley?

Depending on your take on the mystery, Hurley’s disappearance is debatable and leaves room for question and doubt.

On finding his website and diary some think Hurley simply went mad ,his imaginary friends only a figment of his imagination and he was perhaps suffering from schizophrenia or some other mental illness.

Others believe that the Russian mob is directly responsible for Hurley’s disappearance and they simply used this cult ‘ Dark onto Light’ as a coverup.

Some believe it is solely Dark onto Light responsible for his disappearance. This cult is supposedly also directly connected to the Russian mafia

I personally belief Hurley is mixed up in this cult after delving into the mystery myself.

Cults are very real. These secret societies go far back in history and are still relevant today with the Freemasons and the Illuminati . Hurley got involved in this cult and I believe he paid the price

What could have happened?

For me the the most reasonable explanations if Dark onto Light are involved are these:

-Hurley’s disappearance was purely for Hurley’s own safety. He up and left without a trace, he couldn’t tell anybody to risk being found by the cult. Leaving his diary was a clue to those who where willing to look into it enough.

-Hurley joined Dark onto Light. This is perhaps the most scary option of all. Was Hurley brainwashed into joining forces with this organisation?

-The other possibility is that Hurley was captured by this group

Why Hurley?

If my theory on Hurley’s imaginary friends being connected to the cult is correct then Hurley is the perfect candidate. Hurley was a gifted writer and a gifted writer can reach out to into the heart of their readers and pull them in. Like most cults, although secret they ultimately wish to get others to join their cause or what they believe in- even if it is through subliminal messages or back masking making the viewer/listener/reader unaware of their true intent. Hurley may have been interesting to Dark onto Light- he was talented but his personality was also the perfect match, he was intelligent, secretive, curious and impressionable.



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