The disappearance of Robert Hurley

Hurley was a screenwriter for L.A film company VM Productions and good friends with the company’s director and writer Vitaly Sumin.

Robert himself was an aspiring writer when he met Vitaly- who on learning about Robert’s shared interest in Dostoyevsky allowed him to start drafting film scripts such as “ Shades of Blood” and “ Notes from the New World”

Hurley was a gifted writer and took his job with VM productions very seriously. When drafting the script for Notes from the New World, Hurley wished to connect himself with the character to help him better understand the script, he did this by putting himself into the main character’s shoes. Just as actors and actresses explore method acting when portraying a character Hurley was in a way ‘method writing’.

Hurley achieved this by mimicking the lead character’s life, an actor portraying Dostoyevsky who hires a call girl. Vitaly put Hurley in touch with his friend in Russia who owned a dating agency. That’s when Robert meets call girl Natalya, who he became very close to.

Hurley became quite reclusive at this point. He was secretive and anti-social, immersing himself in research into the occult and communicating only with Vitaly. This was until one day communication with Vitaly also stopped.

Vitaly tried to reach Robert over the phone with no success. Vitaly and the crew were worried and he also had the only script of Notes from the New World- slowing down production.

Vitaly and his crew headed out to Robert’s house to check on him. The front door was unlocked and as they entered they noticed the tv was still on and Robert’s keys were on his coffee table. Robert hasn’t been seen since.

Robert had mysteriously disappeared leaving only a diary behind. This diary contained his personal thoughts and declared his love for the call girl Natalya who he claims was involved with the Russian mafia.In his diary he also writes continuously about a satanic cult- Dark onto Light and records his research and experiences with the group.

Robert has been missing for a long time now and nobody has heard from him. What happened to Hurley? How can he just mysteriously disappear without a trace? We have reason to believe his disappearance could be linked to the satanic cult he was involved with or possibly the mafia.

What are your thoughts?


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