Hurley’s diaries: The symbology in Hurleys sketches:Ritual robes


To me the most interesting parts of Hurley’s diary are the sketches. A picture is worth a thousand words after all and it’s important not to just glance over these sketches and instead study them in depth. Not only does it give us a visual look at what Hurley was trying to communicate in his diaries but if Hurley was being careful what he wrote incase he exposed too much and further endangered himself ( in my opinion that certainly was the case) a picture can be the perfect place to leave clues that could easily be overlooked.

This sketch gives us a little more insight into Dark onto Light and their beliefs and ‘purpose’.


A sketch of a cult member in robes from Dark onto Light.

Their robes and what they symbolise

Many of us already know a hooded robe is often associated with cults whether we know this from tv depictions or from real facts about cult groups.

We can possible learn a lot through the colours of the robes Hurley depicts. The black and silver contrast could be quite literary dark and light. Silver is a metallic or shiny colour representing the light and black represents dark .

As I explained before cults don’t really do things without meaning, their symbols, rituals and ritual robes usually represent something ( think of it as a backwards religion).

A search into the symbolic meaning of the colours Hurley depicts is very interesting:



Mystery: Black is the unknown. It is secretive, keeping a lot buried inside, unwilling to show its real feelings.
Power and Control: Black is power and control of the self and others. It creates fear and intimidation.

An interesting phrase is also used to describe the colour black its contrasting colour white:

Black is the absorption of all color and the absence of light.
Black hides, while white brings to light.

As is quite obvious black is a fitting colour choice for what this cult represents.



Illumination: silver opens the mind and lights the way forward.
Reflection: it reflects back the energy sent out, whether that energy is positive or negative.
Feminine Power: it is related to the femininity of the moon’s energy, sensitive, emotional and fluid.

Silver’s association with the moon is again symbolistic of dark and light



It’s also interesting that feminine power is represented by the colour silver as we know Dark onto Light worship female deities.


This sketch also has something peculiar about it, it took me a while to notice but the stance of the figure and the style of the robes.



This sketch forms a pentagram, the top of the hood being the tip of the pentagram star, the figures edge of the shoulders symbolising the middle points and the shape of the bottom of the robes forms the two bottom points of the pentagram.

That way this pentagram is formed on this figure puts the sacrificial dagger in the centre ( we already know Dark onto Light believe in blood sacrifices)


It just all seems to fit together too much for these symbolisms to be coincidental.



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