Debunking the symbol: The number 9



The best way for me to start finding out more about the cult Dark onto Light was to study their symbol. A cult or any sect establishes themselves with a symbol, it gives them recognition and it always symbolises their beliefs or what they stand for, there is always a meaning behind an occult symbol.

I started by breaking the symbol down. I noticed that the symbol itself incorporated two well recognised symbols the pentagram ( a symbol often associated with Wicca, Ritual magick, Satanism, and Masonry, as well as representing the 5 elements) and the Eye of Providence or ‘ the evil eye’ (associated with many beliefs but most famously the illuminati). The Eye of Providence is often depicted with rays of light much like within the symbol of Dark onto Light. However I found something unusual about the number of rays the symbol depicts. The number seems purposeful not just random strokes most commonly found on these symbols:

Left: The Masonic depiction of The Eye of Providence   Right: Eye of Providence  from the dollar bill

A quick count of the number at we can see 9 ‘ rays’ are present in the symbol. Why would the cult depict a specific number on their symbol so prominently if it wasn’t important or didn’t symbolise something specific to the cult and their beliefs.


With so little information avaliable on Dark onto Light I did an internet search to find out if the number 9 had any specific occult or spirtual meaning that could help us further establish the beliefs and motives of the cult. Here’s what I found:

Satanic meaning:

Satanists often choose to use the number 9 for numerous reasons. For instance Satanist enjoy reversing and inverting numbers and symbols and when 9 is turned upside down you get a 6- the digit that is used three times to represent the number of the Beast ( 666).

Satanist also take great pleasure in mocking holy symbology or the suffering of religious figures more commonly Jesus himself. Jesus is said to have spoke his last words on the cross on the ninth hour.

Occult and mystical meanings:

According to the book “Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues” by W. W. Wescott nine holds great significance among many Masonic orders and secret societies. He said, “There is a Masonic order of Nine Elected Knights in which nine roses, nine lights, and nine knocks are used.” In fact the number nine is the number of “the earth under evil influences.” ( This is not the first similarity between Dark onto Light and Masonic orders)

  • 9 is the number of judgement, there are nine Greek words derived from the root word meaning judgement.
  • The words Abussos (bottomless pit), asebee (ungodly), astrapee (lightening) and aselgeia (lasciviousness) all appear nine times in the Bible.
  • Dante’s “Divine Comedy” has nine circles of hell.
  • The Japanese consider 9 unlucky because it sounds similar to the Japanese word for pain or distress.
  • Human pregnancy takes 9 months

Numerology meaning:

In numerology 9 is a very important number, and its power is often attached to events to achieve an extreme outcome.

The number 9 relates to death and rebirth, acting as the gate of movement into a new state of being. It is purposeful regeneration of what has been purified and emboldened by the process of release. And, it is in this state of self-awareness, inner light and true wisdom that we are made ready to begin the work of returning to the place of beginning.

Numerology also gives us a a huge clue as to why Dark onto Light value this number so much:
The number 9 is the number that carries us into the darkness so that we may find ourselves in the light. This is the number that decrees that change will occur whether it is welcomed with surrender or fought with all of our might. It is from the number nine that we test our strengths and refine our weaknesses as we cross the threshold of our own glory.


A quick over view we can see that number 9 has a lot of negative meaning but also seems to symbolise judgment, change,reformation and ‘ rebirth’.

All of this is very relatable to the deities associated with Dark Onto Light. Change and rebirth is directly related to Ninhursag- the goddess of fertility and birth and judgment is related to Ereshkigal-Sumerian Goddess of the underworld who was the only one that could pass judgment in her kingdom.

Right: Ereshkigal Left: Ninhursag


Do you know any other meaning related to the number 9. Please let me know below


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