Dark onto Light’s ritual sacrifices

The purpose of Dark Onto Lights rituals is to pay homage to the Goddesses Ereshkigal and Ninhursag by offering a female as a sacrificial gift. Each ritual also makes the members more receptive to the goddesses and brings them to a new state of consciousness. They also believe these rituals will help them achieve immortality.
Hurley actually attended one of these monthly rituals and even recorded the disturbing event in his diary.

These rituals were held one a month and a prostitute would be lured to the group’s meeting place


The Ritual

1. The five pointed star would be drawn on the ground with chalk.



2. The occult members would gather round the circle and chant



3.The prostitute would be placed on a plank with her arms and legs separated to form the star points and a pentagram would be branded into her abdomen. The branding is important as this is binds her with the members in ceremony and her blood is then sacred.




4. Her wrists will then be slit to release her blood



5.Each member would take a turn drinking her blood and she would be left to bleed to death.




6. Each member would then slice their own wrist and spill a few drops into a vessel which would then be passed around the circle for each member to drink.



Although it’s difficult to comprehend why anybody would take a human life and perform these kind of rituals Dark onto Light do have a method to their madness based on their beliefs:


Blood is sacred to Dark Onto Light as they believe blood lies in the darkness within ( darkness=truth). As they believe is the creator of life and she used blood mixed with clay to create man and woman they see blood is a ‘life-giver’ and a means of creation.

Female blood

Blood is very important to the cult but especially female blood as they believe that by drinking the blood of a woman, man would achieve immortality. This also tells us that Dark onto Light are most likely to be made up of only men. But why would a woman’s blood help them to achieve immortality? :

-The two deities they worship are female.

– A woman is a life giver which could also be why the branding is chosen to be placed on her abdomen, mimicking the carrying of a child.

-Women are also said to have a long life expectancy then men.

Although these are only theories they are very plausible.

Blood from each member of the cult

When the members each give a drop of blood to be consumed as one around the circle they are strengthening their unity and ties to each other, they believe sharing blood is sharing life.

Why a prostitute?

It could simply be that prostitutes are usually desolate. They rarely have close family and few friends and as sad as it is this makes them a ‘ safer option’ as these women would not be noticed as missing as quickly, if at all. They are also easier to lure than other women as they are used to putting themselves into dangerous situations especially under the guise of a ‘paying client’

However its important to note that ‘ sacred prostitution’ was a practice in ancient Sumerian religions and was often practised in the temples of the gods and goddesses.This could be why Dark onto Light see a female prostitute’s blood so sacred after she has been branded.





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