Dark onto Light’s beliefs

Dark onto Light quite simply believe in the truth in darkness rather than light. Where most religions fear that which dwells in darkness and look to the light this cult is the polar opposite.

Their beliefs:

  • The dark where spirits are found is truth. The light is physical is a lie. They believe what we can physically see in the light is a lie and looking into the darkness, in the immorality of spirits is the truth
  •  In order to achieve the truth one must leave the physical world.
  • Sharing blood is sharing life- this is why during rituals blood is exchanged and drank connecting each member. They also believe blood lies in darkness within.
  •  The members of Dark Onto Light believe they will become immortal
  • They aspire to dedicate themselves to Aruru and Ereshkigal . By sacrificing women they are making themselves receptive to these Goddesses which ables them to cross into a new consciousness.
  • They believe them have magic powers similar to the Gods and Goddesses
  • They strive for freedom of the physical world into the eternal world of soulsIMG_0860.JPG ( possibly carving of Ereshkigal )

    IMG_0871.JPG ( wall carving of Ninhursag ( Aruru)


Dark onto Light’s goal

As clear to see that this cult’s beliefs are dangerous. Heavily focusing on darkness and the underworld and blood sacrifices to achieve immortality. But as they believe that the truth does not lie in the physical world and that to achieve absolute truth one must leave the physical world leads to one question. Is the ultimate goal for a Dark onto Light member suicide? The beliefs are so heavily focused on leaving this plane of existence and as they do believe they will become immortal is the ultimate goal to sit beside Ereshkigal in the underworld? Sharing her powers and achieving the ultimate truth and knowledge.

Or is it a twisted version of mainstream religious beliefs? To my knowledge all religions believe that our actions and deeds on earth will have consequences or rewards in the afterlife. Perhaps Dark onto Life don’t aspire to end their lives short but instead dedicate their lives to paying homage to Ereshkigal and Aruru through blood sacrifices- hoping to gain favour with the goddesses securing their ultimate vision of truth and eternity in the darkness.

If Hurley has joined Dark onto Light we must fear for him. Not only for this safety but also his eternal soul.


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