Dark onto Light -cult origin and founding

Zulilu, founder of the Assyrian monarchy was lying gravely ill in bed thinking that night would be his last when he had a vision. He watched as a ball of light entered his room and a dark figure wearing a horned cape materialised from the ground.
The figure relays one important message to Zulilu ‘ Darkness becomes Light’ and instructed him to follow the truth. A breath of dark air escaped his mouth, taking away his pain and fever. Zulilu believed that it was Ereshikgal that stood before him and cured his illness.



Zulilu was eternally grateful and dedicated his life to following the dark figures teachings. He created the symbol that is used by Dark onto light today. The five pointed star representing truth and the centre the eye of the underworld and a symbol of Ereshkigal.


Zulilu claimed that the figure appeared to him 7 times with these creeds:

1. Through the dark will light be achieved
2. Blood is the life line and is sacred
3. Immorality is given to the believers of the dark
4. To find true enlightenment women, the givers of life must be sacrificed
5. Gather others and unite as one
6. Praise the gods and as them you will be
7. Obtain freedom from the material world and fight for liberty

So where these the ramblings of Zulilu, the false prophet or were these messages from the feminine deities themselves. This we will never know but people all over the world, spanning over many years believed in Zulilu and the creeds he lived by.

Numerology of the number 7

Numberology appears in many religions as well as cult beliefs. Religions such as Christianity and Judaism includes numerological symbolisms and number significances.

This story allows us to see that 7 might have been of significance as this was the number of times the dark figure visited Zulilu



According to numerology we all are supposed to have a path number determined by our birth date.
Those who’s life path is represented by a number 7 are said to be truth seekers. They are the thinker, the searcher of truth- trying to understand underlying, hidden truths and believe nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions.
As we know this has connections with the beliefs of Dark onto Light.

The seven indicates the senses of a change after an accomplished cycle and of a positive renewal.

Number 7 also represents:
• the days of the week. ( the six days of creation and the one day of rest)
• The seven worlds in the purgatory.
• The seven paths to the paradise, each one having to be traversed by the body, the heart and the spirit in a unique communion.
• Each of the four lunar periods lasts seven days.

These are just some of the meanings of the number 7. 7 is found throughout many religions and natural occurrences, important events etc.

It’s also worth nothing that Number 7 is the international country calling code for Russia.


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